Sunday Match Play Schedule: 12/3/17 – RESULTS

A GREAT day on the courts for the Grande Finale.  A number of awards were handed out along with 3 separate “lightning tournaments”  Congratulations to all of our award recipients and tournament winners.


Ladder Movement:  Arthur Zhao

Sets Played per Week:  Josh Kurgan

Total Sets Played:  Dee Dee Jackson & Luka Gravely

Total Defenses:  Ethan Marley

Pct of Defended Matches:  Ben Chesid

Set Winning Pct.:  Dominic Ablakhad

Total Sets Won:  Alexander Brunk

Improvement Award:  Samantha Perez

Most Sets in One Day:  Hayden Andersson

Most Valuable Player:  Trevor Owens


Lightning Tournament Winners:

White Group

Winner:  Dominic Ablakhad

Runner Up:  Demitri Ablakhad

Third Place:  Nicholas Penn

Consolation:  Trevor Owens


Blue Group

Winner:  Alexander Brunk

Runner Up:  Hudson McAvoy

Third Place:  Kevin Silverstein

Consolation:  Mason Brown


Red Group

Winner:  Griffin Feinbloom

Runner Up:  Ethan Marly

Third Place:  Trace Garcia

Fourth Place:  Asher Silverman