Challenge Ladder Rules

Matches assigned by Top Seed Pros during clinics, camps or other organized competition are considered challenge matches. When a player wins a challenge match, he/she is placed directly above the player he/she defeated and the loser moves down one spot, as well as all those players who were ranked between the two players.


Challenge match results must be recorded by:

1.)  Junior Challenge Match record sheet available at the front desk

2.) Top Seed pro recording the result on an official challenge record sheet.

3.) Going online to: “Challenge Ladder” then “Submit Score.”


  • It is the winner’s responsibility to report this score to a Top Seed pro.


  • Players can challenge as many as 7 spots above them.


  • The challenged player MUST accept the challenge as his/her commitment to being on the ladder.


  • Players have one month to schedule a challenge match once it is issued


  • If a Top Seed pro assigns a challenge match, there is no limit on how far a player can move up.


  • A player must be given notification and both players must know that they are playing a challenge match.


  • Challenge matches must be, at least one 6 game, no-ad or regular scoring set.  Matches can also be 8 game pro sets, or 2 out of 3 sets.


  • During Top Seed Academy programs, sets must be completed to count.  If class time runs out and two players are at 4-2, the match does not count as a win for the player ahead.


If you have any questions regarding the ladder contact Jeff Richards, junior ladder coordinator at 818-222-2782 or